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Our strength lies in our principles.


A successful company is not an infallible one but one that quickly makes constant improvements.

Being innovative means being able to interpret the increasingly rapid, chaotic market changes in order to offer new products and cutting edge solutions ahead of our competitors.

With ten national and international patents filed in the last five years, the R&D department at Wonder is the hub of company growth.


This is our core business. We have been working for over 60 years to improve mobility and allow everyone to travel safely.

Our customers are first and foremost people: this is why all our efforts are channelled into reducing the risks and unexpected events for those who travel by raising the levels of efficiency and reliability of devices to a maximum.

A tyre valve is just a tiny part of the thousands of components in a vehicle but is essential if every trip we make is to be a safe one.


Quality marks our products, our production and organisational processes, the technology we use and our vital human resources.

While many companies flee abroad where labour costs are lower and there are fewer controls, Wonder manufactures entirely in Italy investing in know-how, resources and innovation and confirming the position it has held for the last years as European leader in the OEM market.

We closely work on a daily basis with our customers' technical departments to improve our products and guarantee high quality at a competitive price because we are firmly convinced that only the best products can become the most widely sold ones.


They are our most important resource. Since the 1950s Wonder has grown by taking on personnel on a permanent basis with the aim of establishing an Olivetti-style community where relations between employees extend beyond work hours with cultural events and occasions for entertainment and socialising.

This vision has not changed today: less than 2% of the work force is employed with temporary seasonal contracts. Every work relationship for us is a continuous relationship, an exchange of personal and professional experiences that are a source of pride and strength to us.


Development is not possible without a real commitment to safeguarding the environment. Wonder works hard on a daily basis to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by looking for and implementing effective innovative solutions through its choice of suppliers, by eliminating waste and through the careful, rational use of resources.

We promote an awareness of environmental issues and correct conduct outside the company as well because a truly eco-sustainable business must be based on a mature and responsible collective conscience.


Wonder S.p.a.

Wonder S.p.a. is a certified company

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IATF 16949:2016
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015


Wonder S.p.a.
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