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16 Oct

European passenger car market: +14.5% in September, -1.6% in nine months

Passenger car registrations in the EU grew by 14.5% in September 2019, totaling 1.2 million units overall (1,249,403). This strong result was a consequence of the comparison with September 2018,…
25 Sep

European commercial vehicle market: +6.2% in July, +11.0% in August, +6.5% in eight months

Over the summer, demand for new commercial vehicles in Europe increased considerably, with +6.2% in July and +11.0% in August, marking the seventh and eighth consecutive month of growth. Except…
18 Sep

Passenger car registrations in the EU: +1.4% in July, -8.4% August, -3.2% in eight months

Passenger car market in the EU slightly expanded in July (+1.4%), totaling nearly 1.3 million units overall (1,294,506). The positive result was supported by Germany (+4.7%) and by the Central…
24 Jul

European commercial vehicle registrations: +2.8% in June, +5.8% in the first half of 2019

Commercial vehicle market in the EU increased by 2.8% in June, growing for the sixth month in a row, with 254,919 units sold. The positive result was mainly supported by…
17 Jul

Passenger car registrations in the EU: -7.8% in June, -3.1% in six months

Demand for passenger cars in the EU fell by 7.8% in June 2019, totaling 1,446,183 units overall, as a consequence of the negative results posted by all main national markets:…
26 Jun

Commercial vehicle market in the EU: +8.5% in May, +6.5% in five months

Demand for new commercial vehicles kept growing for the fifth consecutive month in May 2019, posting a significant +8.5%, with 230,357 units all across Europe. All five biggest markets contributed…
18 Jun

European passenger car market: +0.1% in May, -2.1% in five months

After eight consecutive months of negative results, passenger car registrations in the EU slightly increased in May (+0.1%), with 1,400,518 units overall, mainly thanks to the good performance of the…
24 May

Commercial vehicle registrations in the EU: +7.8% in April, +5.8% in the first four months

European commercial vehicle market expanded by 7.8% in April, marking the fourth consecutive month of growth and totaling 215,497 units sold overall. Registrations went up in all main national markets:…
23 May

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