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Friday, 26 October 2018

European commercial vehicle registrations: -5.2% in September, +3.6% in nine months

Commercial vehicle registrations in the EU declined by 5.2% last September, after five months of growth, mainly as a consequence of the drop of van segment. Looking at the biggest markets, only Germany posted a modest growth (+1.1%), while all others recorded negative numbers: Italy (-17.8%, with 14,577 registrations, over 3.1 thousand less than in September 2017); Spain (-9.6%); UK (-6.1%); France (-1.6%).

After the good performance of August, light commercial vehicle registrations fell by 6.0%, mostly influenced by the decline of Italian and Spanish markets. Bus and coach segment also contracted (-3.1%), as well as trucks and heavy trucks (respectively -1.1% and -0.4%).

From January to September, European commercial vehicle market expanded by 3.6%, with 1.8 million units sold. Among the main national markets, Spain led the growth (+8.7%), followed by France (+5.2%) and Germany (+4.0%), while Italy posted negative figures (-0.5%, with 148,779 vehicles registered, nearly 800 less compared the first nine months of 2017) as well as UK (-3.5%).

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