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Friday, 23 September 2022

European commercial vehicle market: -17.4% in July, -8.0% in August, -18.8% in eight months

Demand for new commercial vehicles in Europe kept contracting in July and August (respectively -17.4% and -8.0%), reaching the fourteenth month of decline in a raw.

With the exception of Spain (posting +11.5% in August), all main national markets recorded negative figures. Looking at the Italian market, sales went down by 19.3% in July (15,028 units) and by 8.9% in August (9,693 units).

From January to August, commercial vehicle registrations in Europe fell by 18.8%, totaling 1,051,057 vehicles overall. All four biggest markets posted double-digit drops: Spain -25.2%; France -21.5%; Germany -17.1%; Italy -11.1% (with 126,271 registrations, nearly 16 thousand less compared to the first eight months of 2021).

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